About Us

ZESTINO is a new tire brand oriented around the Motorsports world. Our tires are designed in and use production technology from Japan, combined with rubber materials and compounds from Germany and Malaysia to offer you an extremely competitive tire.

Our brand spokesman is the internationally renowned Professional D1 driver from Japan, TETSUYA HIBINO. He has many years of racing experience under his belt and uses our tires himself in professional racing series such as D1 Grand Prix in Japan.

The Zestino research and development team is focused on the development of different performance tire products geared towards all levels of Motorsports and establishing an advanced tire lineup. We are working on a full line of various tire products ranging from Full Racing Slick, Semi R Compound for Street/Track, Rally tire and more to come. Our tires have taken the world by storm – you can see them being used all over the globe from D1GP in Japan, D1NZ, King of Nations Drift Series and more.

Our products prove themselves – once drivers try them, they’re hooked.

We are the Official Distributor for Zestino in Eastern Canada, and we are always looking for new dealers.