Thank you for your interest in ZESTINO CANADA’s Drivers Program. You can send a formal proposal to us at

All applications are reviewed in the order that we receive them, so please allow us a couple days to respond. Whether you compete on a Professional, Amateur, or Grass Roots Level, we’ve come up with a Drivers Program that will benefit drivers of various skill levels. (Grass Roots Level guys, you’ll need to be able to offer us something more than just driving around town with a sticker and telling your friends about our products.) Our Drivers Program also has a rewards system for you the driver! Contact us and find out more.
Please try to include as best you can the below criteria for us to accept your proposal.

  • Your complete contact information
  • A brief introduction of yourself and/or your company or team
  • Vehicle make, model and year
  • Vehicle engine combination, including hybrid set-ups
  • What tires you’re currently using on campaigned vehicle
  • ZESTINO products you’re interested in for the campaigned vehicle (size/model)
  • Current sponsors (If applicable)
  • Photos of the vehicle (engine, front, profile and overall, including any applicable detail images)
  • Event attendance schedule (Competition Events, Show Events, Grass Roots Level track events)
  • Confirmed upcoming media coverage, including media contact information


The above-mentioned criteria should be presented in a professional, easy-to-follow format. We receive a fair amount of proposals, so a professional presentation will ensure that your proposal is adequately reviewed. As we review applications, we will follow up with you in regards to whether you’ll fit our Drivers Program and send you our contract.

Please understand that we appreciate your effort and hope for success in your career, but we have a limited number of spots available for our Drivers Program and the competition may be very tough. For those of you on a Grass Roots level, we are a company all the willing to support drivers so long as they are passionate about their sport and can offer something in exchange for our support.